Master classes, the next level

In 2014 we are looking to start doing more things with more people.
One of the ways that we plan to do this is masterclass’s where we get a chance to see how the ‘pros’ do it.

Technical masterclass, mixing, mastering, recording.
Creative masterclass, bass, guitar, drums, songwriting, arranging etc.

Some of these masterclass's will invoolve a concert at the end of the day, letting the 'pros' show off there skills whilst you sit back, enjoy and relax after a day of learning. The concerts will be filmed for youtube and recorded for CD's that will be available afterwards.

All training courses cost £42 (inc VAT) per person for the day.
Each day will start at 10:00 for registration and is completed by 15:00 with a break for lunch. If this interests you please contact us.

Some courses are dependent upon a minimum number of attendees. We will confim your place and collect payment once this minimum number of places has been filled. Once your place has been confirmed and payment taken no refund will be offered if you are unable to attend or cancel. The masterclass concert will start at 19:00
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Music workshops, drums, bass, guitars, keyboards

Music workshops are where you can learn the basics or take what you know to the next level.
We work with a bunch of talented session musicians on a daily basis who have got them selves to where they are now through alot of lessons and practicing. For more information on how you can learn what they know please contact us.

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Youth workshops

Our after school program could either consist of ‘free’ time loosely based on the headings below, or we could map out 6 week programs as detailed below. These workshops aimed at everyone, we can tailer the workshops specifically for your group, enabling them to get the best out it.
We regularly work with the North Kesteven Targeted Youth Support Team, this is some feedback they have given us,

We have worked in partnership with dB Studios to deliver several Music Workshops aimed at Young People from the NK District, who have an interest in music performance and production. The team at dB Studios have always been very welcoming and flexible in their approach, which has helped us ensure the Workshops fully meet the needs of the Young People. We have always had very positive attendances at these Workshops, as they prove to be extremely popular with the Young People. We look forward to working with the team again in the future.

Martin Goodson - Targeted Youth Support Team (NK)
Children's Services - Lincolnshire County Council

Music Production – Using garageband
Introduction – What is production? What is garage band? Garage band 101 – How to use the basic functions. Timing and beats – How things sound when they are in and out of time. How you would use different timing for different styles of music. Virtual instruments – building a music with a range of instruments and different sounds that work together to create something more interesting. Plugins – how plugins can be used to manipulate sounds and create a different result from the same original tracks./produce something. Event.
Radio and podcasting – School podcast
Introduction – What is podcasting? how do people make and distribute podcasts? Look at some popular podcasts/radio shows – What’s good about them, what things would you change if you where to have done it? How do you make a pod cast/radio show – what software and hardware would you use and how do you use it? Plan a podcast/radio show – writing a script, choosing music/jingles. Produce a podcast/ radio show. Show
Sound and lighting – behind the scenes
Introduction – What makes an event happen? What different areas work together to put on an event and what do they do? Sound – what are the parts of a sound system how do they work together? Sound – how do you use it? how would you use it for an event? Lighting – what are the parts of a lighting rig and how do they work together? Lighting – how do you use it and how would you use it for an event?
Band workshop
Introduction – What makes a band? How do you go about writing a song? Composition and arrangement How do you get a song ready to record or perform? Rehearse/record a song Gig
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