Studio A (control room)

The studio is made up of 5 acoustically treated, air-conditioned rooms that provide space and comfort whilst obtaining a high level of control and quality. Each system has a variety of monitors, pre-amps and software to accommodate your project.

We are currently running Pro Tools 9+10, Logic Pro 9 and Ableton Live 8.This is the main control room that is adjacent to the live room with a large 3-layered, double glazed window in between.
It has been acoustically treated with near field (Yamaha) and mid field (Genelec) monitors, so that the sound you are hearing is what is being recorded.
With industry standard analogue and digital pre amps and a variety of microphones (see equipment list) we have the ability to create the sound that is unique to your project. In here there is everything you need to create the “perfect” sound..

We have recorded almost any genre you can think of over the years from rock through to R&B and dance to orchestras and brass bands. Whether you need a demo or a fully produced album we have the facilities and the people ready to meet your demands. We can accommodate you at our brand new state of the art studios or meet you where you are with our portable equipment.

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Studio B (mix room)

This is the main mix room but still has the ability to record from the other rooms. In here there is a Digidesign C24 that gives you hands on control of your projects. With Focal and Yamaha monitors and a Focal sub this is where we mix your project. We can then take it to the next level by putting it through some of the highest quality plug-ins you can buy in our mastering process. From here we can create CD masters (Red book CD, DDPi master) ready for replication or duplication.

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Live Room

This has also been acoustically treated with bass traps and moveable absorbent or reflective walls to make the space feel larger or smaller. For monitors there is a Hear Back system that allows you to have full control of the your monitor mix. This enables you to be comfortable with the sound you can hear and to produce the best performance you can.

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Dan Bowater (MD)

Born in Solihull Dan moved to Lincoln as an infant. He became interested in sound from an early age. He caught the bug when travelling the country with his musician father (Chris). Invariably sitting with the ‘sound man’ rather than sitting on the front row or on stage. He quickly learnt that getting involved setting up and packing down was more fun than merely watching. DJ’ing and doing sound at events and gigs around Lincoln became normal and his first paid gig at 13 doing monitors in one of the youth venues at Spring Harvest. Buying some recording equipment at 15 was the next step. A Tascam 8 track , Atari ST and a Korg M1 became his tools for demo’ing for his friends and father. Sound and recording were now becoming the obvious career choice and the course at Salford in Professional sound and video technology seemed the obvious one to take. Sandwiched in the middle of the course was an internship based at Costa Mesa (LA, USA) studio ‘Crossroads studios’. After graduating from Salford dan set out on the uncertain life of a freelance engineer and began to work (paid and unpaid) in as many studios and situations as he could. This alongside regular local gigs and sourcing PA’s for bands became the norm . During this time dan had the pleasure of working at a number of great studios including Chapel studios (Lincs. UK), Fat boy Slim’s studio (Brighton ,UK), ICC studios (Eastbourne, UK), West Park Studios (Littlehampton, UK). It was while working at West Park studios that he discovered that the owners (members of the band Delirious) were considering selling up as they were increasingly away touring. So in 1996 Dan , his dad and brother Mark drove down to Littlehampton to pick up the majority of the studio equipment that they had bought from owner Tim Jupp. Dan maintained the relationship with Delirious and assisted on the recording of their ‘King of fools’ album.

In April 1997 dB studios moved from Dan’s parent garage into the old brickyard site off brant road after creating soundproofed rooms. There for 13 years the decision to move came as the building was getting increasingly tatty round the edges and with his eye on the professional market decided to move into their current residency at the showroom. April 2013 will be 16 years since dB started in earnest and during that time dan has worked in studios all over the world as well as bringing world class musicians to Lincoln to record. He has also continued to work within his first love ‘Live’ again working around the world. He has continued to work with the sound company Wigwam (amongst others) who he first met as an 8yr old boy. He is now regular ‘first choice’ for many large scale Christian events around the country. Dan met his now wife Jennifer whilst working on a conference in America for him it was love at first sight (it took a little longer for her). They have a wonderful little boy called Leon, born in 2010 and a beautiful little girl called Imogen, born in 2012. Together they go to Trent Vineyard church (Nottingham , UK)

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Simeon Clark (sound engineer)

Sim is a live, studio and broadcast mix engineer with over 6 years professional experience. He now works for dB Studios in Lincoln but is well traveled around the UK working in studios and venues.
He started work with dB Studios in August 2011 which has improved the quality of his work as well as the clients some being Channel 4, TBN Europe, HTB LC, Blake, Integrity, National Citizens Cervice.
As well as working with a variety of live sound consoles he knows his stuff about ProTools for studio, broadcast and live recording.
From recording bands at the studios and venues, location recording, boom hopping, live sound and mixing for broadcast, animations, films and the ocasional install he is having a varied career with only exciting things to come. He is married to Liz and lives in Lincoln.

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Pricing (band packages)

These packages are for bands to get great demos of there songs.
If it is your bands first time or you have done many times before, we can lead you through the process of recording your own songs. Likewise if you have no technical knowledge that is not a problem, we are here to help you so that your performances are not interupted.


3.5 hours recording/ editing.

This is designed to be added to either silver or gold



4 hours recording

2 hours editing/ mixing



8 hours recording

4 hours mixing/ editing

1 hour setup

5 CDs


Pricing (experience packages)

If you love to sing and have got too good for karaoke with your friends, this is ideal for you.
Chose up to 3 of your favourite songs to sing and we will guide you through the recording process to get it mixed and mastered onto a CD for you to take home, to show your friends and family.


2 hours recording, editing and mixing.

1 song



3 hours recording, editing and mixing.

2 songs



4 hours recording, editing and mixing.

3 songs