E-Cards (Email Marketing)

We are able to produce E Cards for email marketing and newsletters, delivering a clear and structured message in a fresh and innovative format to your client. Full immersion with Mail Chimp allows simple email distribution. We are also able to generate email templates and automated emails. Working with an EPK, E Cards are an effective means of communicating with your audience.

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EPK (press release)

Working with our creative team, we are able to produce an Electronic Press Kit which effectively communicates your image and values to your audience. We offer a fully inclusive package with the construction of a dedicated web page, audio and visual samples and marketing downloads. Fully interactive and immersive, our aim is to provide you with the means to showcase your album.


At dB Studios we offer bespoke websites which are designed around your needs, creating a portal in which to engage your audience and communicate your values. Created using HTML 5 and our own customised themes and plugins, each website is fully immersive and responsive. Furthermore we integrate E Commerce and fully customisable audio and visual players in to the structure of the website, allowing full interactivity at every opportunity.

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dB Displays (sister company)

Keep customers up to date without the hastle of powerpoints or videos.
Up-date your screens with a computer or mobile phone.
Customers can interact with your products with a user-friendly remote.

dB displays allows you to visually interact with people no matter where you are in the world, all you need is an internet connection.
You can keep customers up to date with the latest offers and news without the hassle of powerpoint or creating videos. All you need is an image and a web browser.